Mirale About us

Our mission is clear

Mirale Group Ltd is a business consulting company. Specifically, it is a synergy of companies, consultants
and professionals established on European and international territory, born with the aim of offering
specific services and consultancy to companies.
A Business consulting company created to analyze the individual needs of our customers. In our
company you will find a professional expert in the field able to follow you in all the activities of your
company, from the organization of services for the company, direction and coordination, up to the
concrete management.


Mirale Group is therefore a company able to create specific services for its customers thanks to its ability
to weave partnerships with selected companies throughout the European territory, with which we support
all the processes of international transitions including the establishment of companies `abroad and
international tax planning, thanks to a group of professionals who together have established and
consolidated a relationship of trust over time.
Mirale Group with operational headquarters in Bulgaria has been identified for various opportunities, first
and foremost the lowest taxation in Europe, 10% on the tax rate, 5% on dividends, without billing limit,
logistically easy to reach, by air, land, sea, at the gateway to Asia.
Mirale Group Ltd is a business consulting company, made up of internationally established consultants
and professionals.
The skills cover the Trade, Manufacturing, IT, Administrative, Residence permit, Social Media, Real
Estate and investments sectors. The multisectoral operation allows to offer a complete and personalized
service on the needs of the company, the professional or the private client, optimizing the times and the


Alessandro Valli, director of Mirale Group Ltd, is directly responsible for managing contacts with his
partners and customers.
To do this, Alessandro Valli sets up solid relationships and partnerships with numerous companies
selected nationally and internationally, creating tailor-made services for customers.

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