Mirale Group Market Research

International Trade

Miralegroup Ltd guarantees market research with great results and a final understanding of the research carried out. We rely, through our partners, on modern research and marketing techniques such as Brand Studies, Positioning and Segmentation Analysis, Communication Research, Concept - Product and Pack Testing, International Market Research and Marketing. Whatever your sector and your need, entrust your company to the proven experience of Agenzia Italia Bulgaria in market research.

Brand studies

The proprietary research methodology, developed by Agenzia Italia Bulgaria, starts from the study of consolidated areas of brand analysis (awareness, associations, loyalty, reputation), integrating them with further methodological contributions from psychology and sociology.

Research on communication

Through these analyzes Agenzia Italia Bulgaria tries to examine the market context in which the company or organization operates; make a comparison with competitors on products, services and communication; analyze and bring out the competitive advantages; identify the target audience. From the creation of the creative idea, to the identification of the most effective messages, up to the monitoring of the impact of a campaign in the short, medium and long term, the communication process follows a process based on data, not on impressions.

International market research

They allow to analyze consumers' behaviors, attitudes, expectations and opinions in any product sector.

Positioning and segmentation analysis

It is aimed at determining how a brand or product / service "is defined" by consumers based on its significant attributes and compared to competitive products. The segmentation models proposed by Agenzia Italia Bulgaria allow profiling the demand of a single company or an entire product sector through sociological and psychological variables. These variables make it possible to identify different clusters built around the different desires for self-gratification and social recognition / acceptance.

Concept, product and pack test

It consists in the evaluation of the appreciation of a product, expressed in quantitative terms by a representative sample of potential consumers. Unlike the product test, in which the product is actually present, in the concept test the product does not yet exist, or is not usable: the product concept is therefore shown, generally presented in graphic form with a brief description. The pack test mainly focuses on the packaging of a product, considering aspects such as appeal and ergonomics.

Marketing and market research

Market research can provide considerable strategic support in the planning of marketing mix activities. Agenzia Italia Bulgaria offers techniques and skills suitable for different product sectors. The approach to research aimed specifically at marketing, aims to divide the consumption process in all its phases, from the emergence of the need to the end of use or use of the service.